Free VS Paid Traffic

  • Whether you run an affiliate marketing program or an online store of your own, the only thing that will get you sales is traffic and the right type of traffic.
  • Now, to get the traffic you need to use two resources that is time and money. If you spend more time on the process it gets longer but if you spend more money on the process the same results take less amount of time.
  • There are a lot of stories where affiliate marketing stories where people have spent 4-10 hours a day of their time trying to get sales and, mind you, they do get sales most of which may be after a year or two of working hard start earning $50 a month (and that is if they were smart about it).
  • Now, this may seem like an achievement but look at it from a different perspective, if the same guy had spent 4 hours a day each day working a job that paid him $5/hour he would have $7,300.
  • If he invested the $7,300 in paid advertising he would’ve had the same results way faster than a year or two.
  • The idea is not to just start spending money and do nothing. Skilled marketing is all about getting a combination of time and money.
  • As you spend money on digital advertising and spend time learning it, learning from the mistakes you made, learning about what works what doesn’t. and when you find the right way of doing things the paid advertising is going to pay for itself and the process is going to take way less time than if you decided to put all effort and no money.


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John Five
Rock Star
8 months ago

I like this post, what I have learnt over the years, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing, if you want results the same day, yes paid traffic, but the result with organic traffic converts much better, just takes a lot longer, like 3-6 months longer, maybe more if a new site. That is my own experience.

9 months ago

Thank you for this post

8 months ago

Paid advertising is a great idea, however, if someone moves with a strategy, they can do something with free traffic as well. All it needs an idea that converts.

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