How to Use Testimonials to Drive E-commerce Sales in 2021

Before any person actually makes a purchase from your website they really want to know if your product(s) actually work(s). Customers belief a lot in social proof and you can use this to skyrocket your online e-commerce  sales. Also, converging lines of evidence suggests that nine out of ten consumers read up to ten reviews about a product before they eventually trust that product and then eventually make a purchase.

Testimonials build trust and authority around your product. You can start by giving your products out for free to a few persons in exchange for product testimonials and case studies. Again, video testimonials convert better than ordinary texts. This boosts your products your products credibility and also boosts sales as a result.


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Syed M. Umair
2 months ago

Great article. Social proof is definitely a huge factor in getting sales.

John Five
Rock Star
2 months ago

I agree, Testimonials have a big part in helping to get sales with affiliate marketing.

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