The Best SEO Strategy for E-commerce in 2021

SEO is an important growth factor for your ecommerce success. The main goal of search engine optimization  is to improve your product’s discoverability on relevant search engines. One strategy to quick boost e-commerce sales through SEO is through the use of non-branded keywords.

Non-branded keywords ensure that customers discover your product through organic search. Also, ensure to add long-tail keywords to your content marketing. Ensure that all product titles are optimized for relevant keywords.  You can begin your keyword research with just Google Trends, although more sophisticated tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush will give more comprehensive and detailed results.

Another important SEO factor is your page load time. The slower it takes your site to load, the more money you lose. Improving your page load time starts with image compression. You can use a tool like Pingdom to audit your site’s loading speed and optimize for any suggested recommendations.


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Rajni Rajput
4 months ago

nice article. Very informative..

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