Doing Affiliate Marketing with Sponsored Posts / Content

There are different ways you can do affiliate marketing. A new method that is quite fascinating is using sponsored posts.

What is a Sponsored Post?

A sponsored post is promotional content designed to appear like the environment in which it is posted. This makes it less disruptive or jarring. For instance, it can look like a normal article. Readers may not even realize they are reading sponsored content because it is educational, entertaining, and witty. It is not filled with sales language.

Getting sponsored posts is quite expensive. Therefore, you will want to promote offers with great payouts. I always recommend affiliate offers with a commission of 20% and above. Some of the niches to try include:

  • Male enhancement
  • Drug testing
  • Psychic reading
  • Weight loss
  • Condos
  • CBD oil

Examples of Sponsored Posts

There are many authority websites you can pay for sponsored posts. For this article, I have detailed a few examples to help you understand how this works.


You can check these images and see how sponsored posts rank on page 1 easily.

Example of Psychic affiliate program

Example of a sponsored post ranking on page 1

Example of psychic reading sponsored post ranking on page 1

pyschic reading affiliate

How to Boost Rankings of Sponsored Posts

After acquiring sponsored posts on authority posts, you need to build links to the posts. I recommend getting a few guest posts and PBN links. You can also send social signals to the post.


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Syed M. Umair
8 months ago

Great article, Thank you for including the sources.

John Five
Rock Star
8 months ago

I will try this with my new site that is up & coming, I got turned down for these with adult niche sites but I know people that make decent money from this. Thank you.

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