How To Make Money With CPA Offers 100% FREE, NO Website Needed!

In this article I am going to show you how you can make money with CPA Giveaway offers using Google sites and promoting them on Facebook. This is a completely free method, no web hosting or domain is needed.

For this example, I am going to be using Gift Card Giveaways but you can also apply this to most CPA Sweepstake/Giveaway offers.

First, you want go to a website called Offer Vault ( and find the offer you want to run.

As you can see, for this example, I typed in the search bar…free giveaways and it as found 31 active offers.

When you have found an offer you want to run, your next step is to go to Google sites, you will need a Gmail account to use this. The reason we are using Google Sites is that Facebook does not like affiliate links and will get you banned.

Do a search for Google sites, then click sign-in.

Under where it says, start a new site, select Blank (the first one).

As you can see, it is very basic and very simple to do. You need to give the site a name which is related to your offer and also find an image related to your offer, the best way to do this, is go to the offer yourself and take an image from there, that way your image will be 100% related and your Google site will not look much different to the offer you send them to.

Now I find the best way to do this, is asking the user a question which can be anything, look at the examples below.

All you have to do is type out the question you want to ask, then add buttons with the answers on, you will find the button option on the right-hand side of the page.

When you have added your buttons for people to answer your question, you need to edit them, putting on the answer and also direct them to your offer.

This is a bit similar to quiz funnels as there is NO right or wrong answer. When they answer your question it will take them straight to your offer.

The better you make your Google site look, the more chances you have of getting conversions/leads.

When you have done that and are happy with your Google site, you need to Publish it which you will see at the top right of the screen.

When you press Publish you need to give your site a Web address, choose one that matches the offer that you are running.

When you have chosen your Web address, press Publish and your Google site will go live.

What you need to do now is send people to your offer, there are many ways of doing this, for this example, I am going to use Facebook but this also works on Twitter and Reddit etc.

When you are on Facebook type in the search bar free giveaways.

You can also type in free sweepstakes etc, the more groups you find and join the better.

You will find plenty of groups/pages, you want to join and like them as these are the places where you will be promoting your offer.

As you can see, with this group you can promote your offer to over 15K members, many of them members are here looking for free stuff.

All you have to do now is a post in these groups so that people will go to your site and hopefully opt-in with their email for your offer.

This method is perfect for people that are just starting out with little or no budget.

I hope that people get value from this, I have only shown you the basics but if you add your own Twists you can make this very profitable.

If anybody else has experience in running CPA offers, please comment below.


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