How to turn your clicks into leads with CPA offers (Sweepstakes)

In this article, I am going to give you tips on how to turn your clicks into leads, for this example, I am going to use sweepstake giveaways but this will work with most things.

Back in 2012, you could run an iPhone giveaway/sweepstake by just simply putting a post on social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) saying… WIN a brand new iPhone NOW… & then just direct link straight to your CPA offer, which did use to be effective, but now in 2020 that just doesn’t work anymore, you will get plenty of clicks but no leads/conversion = NO MONEY!!

Here I am going to give you tips on how to turn your visits/clicks into leads by using quizzes.

If you qualify your visitor before sending them to your offer you have at least a 60% more chance of that visitor turning into a lead/sale = MORE MONEY!!

The reason for this is, it makes the person seem and feel more important which makes them think they are lucky to qualify for the giveaway.

There are plenty of free quiz WordPress plugins but this can also be done by using Google Sites.

For this example, I am going to use an Apple Pack giveaway which is only available for people in the UK.

That does not matter because if they are not from the UK you can send them to a different offer using a smartlink which most CPA companies will provide.

Instead of sending visitors directly to your offer, first, ask them 3-5 questions.

The good thing about this is that there is NO wrong answer. As this is a UK giveaway, if they select Yes it will take them to the next question, if they select No you can send them to another offer or smartlink so they could still be a valid lead.

With a basic question like this, you can still send them to the nest question.

For this again there is no right or wrong answer, this example is only 3 questions.

As you see, it will say they have qualified for a chance to win, which in their brain will make them think about entering. Most Sweepstakes only require an email.

This is just a basic quiz in this example but still very affective much more than directing people straight to your CPA offer.

I hope people find this useful, just add your own Twist to your questions depending on your offer.


What do you think?

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Tim Culpepper
16 days ago

This is a great method. It makes people feel as if they “earned” the right to view your CPA offer. I imagine conversion rates go way up.

Tim Culpepper
16 days ago

I’ve heard that a lot of the top affiliate marketers are doing this.

Syed M. Umair
14 days ago

I love how the method makes the people feel they have accomplished something. Great article!

12 days ago

Thanks John. Good tips here

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