Secret Trick to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing on Quora

Almost all the affiliate marketers know about Quora and that it is a powerful tool to get traffic to your affiliate products, but most affiliate marketers do not know what sort of questions to target. 

I will share with you a neat trick for getting to know which type of questions are getting the most weekly traffic.

To do this go to your ads manager on your quora profile, then start a new campaign, then select traffic as an objective and then select a daily budget of $5 (You won’t get charged don’t worry, this is only to get to the next step).

After that click continue, which will take you to the next step. Go to the primary targeting section and select contextual targeting and select the “Questions” option. 

Here then in the dialogue box, you can enter your keywords in the “bulk add” option.

For this example, I have selected “Affiliate Marketing” as the keyword, then click on continue.

It will give you a list of topics related to your keyword, then select the related words accordingly. Then click on “Target x topics”

Here it will give you the list of the best questions to target and what weekly views those questions get. Note down these questions, discard the ad campaign and start manually targeting those questions.


What do you think?

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Rajni Rajput
7 months ago

Great article, Thank you for including the step-by-step images.

John Five
Rock Star
7 months ago

Very good tips. Thank you

6 months ago

thank for shearing Syed M. Umair. I will surely follow your trick

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