The Best Influencer Strategy for E-commerce in 2021

This works particularly when you want to quickly build brand awareness if you don’t have an established audience.  It has been discovered that more than 49% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase based on recommendations from influencers. Hence, influencer marketing will continue to be hot.

However, there are basic rules to follow if you want to be successful with influencer marketing.  The first step is to first define your audience and find your ideal Influencer(s). We recommend working with industry-specific micro-influencers with a relatively good number of highly engaged and connected audience rather than working with celebrity influencers with millions influencers with little engagement. For instance, it is better to work with an influencer having about 10K to 100K followers and 200 – 500 comments per post than a celebrity influencer with almost a million followers and just about 20 – 50 comments per post. This enables you to quickly build trust and brand awareness with your audience.


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Syed M. Umair
Rock Star
4 months ago

Great article! I’ve had some bad experiences with IG influencers though which I learned from. The best lesson I learned was: Choose an influencer on the basis of engagement their post gets instead of the number of followers they have as there could very well be a chance that the followers are fake.

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