Why Always Amazon Affiliate Programme?

I believe Amazon affiliate marketing programme is the most popular amongst the rest. Why so even though some say that their commissions are not always all that appreciable? Please let’s discuss. Use the comment section to throw more light, reveal alternatives, or better options. 

To our onward successes! 


What do you think?

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Tim Culpepper
9 months ago

One of the best features of the program is that when someone clicks your link to look at a certain product, you get a commission for ANY PURCHASES in the next 24 hours (even if the person does not buy the product you recommended).

Syed M. Umair
8 months ago
Reply to  Tim Culpepper

Another advantage is that if the customer adds the product to the cart, you will still get commissions if they buy the item in the cart within 90 days.

Abel Nyarangi
9 months ago

I want to talk from my experience and I worked for a large Affiliate SEO Company for over 5 years. I have had 1 successful Amazon affiliate site that I sold to a friend of mine who is also in affiliate SEO. The good thing I realized is that I got passive income for ranking a few low-competition keywords for over 3 years, without doing much on the site. I even went a whole year without publishing a single article on the site, but the revenue every month was okay. Amazon has its drawbacks: the cookie duration is too short… Read more »

Tim Culpepper
9 months ago
Reply to  Abel Nyarangi

Abel, thanks for the great insight. My one additional thought… I am happy for people who make good money as Amazon affiliates, but I would caution everyone: do not put all your eggs in one basket. If Amazon changes its terms again (like it just did), your business could be ruined. Or if google does an algo update that penalizes your sites, your business could be ruined. My advice: enjoy it while you can… but diversify into multiple income streams, so if you income stream dies overnight, you can survive…

John Five
Rock Star
9 months ago

I do like the Amazon program, yes they did drop there US commissions by over half at the start of lockdown, the UK never got cut. I know a lot of people that went to different programs but they all say their conversions dropped, that’s if they got any at all, the point being there is that people seem to trust Amazon a lot more then others.

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