How to become a better Copywriter

Whether you average three hundred words of copy a day or three thousand, there are at least five simple strategies you can use to improve your copy writing and deliver better results for your clients or company. Let’s check them out.

1.Mix up your reading material

Good writers have diverse reading diets. Blogs, newspapers, magazines, novels – you name it, it’s fair game. In the same way that a good chef samples many different types of cuisine, the broader your reading list, the better your ability to produce crisp and fresh copy.

2.Put words on the screen

For me, the first sentence of an article or even a paragraph can be the hardest to write. So to get the ball rolling, I’ll just type the first sentence that pops into my head. It’s universally horrific copy, but I can always edit it out later and appreciate its function as a tool to start putting pixels on the dreaded blank screen.

3.Write for real people

Like every writer, a copywriter needs to have a specific audience in mind during the writing process. The catch is that you can forget to write for real people when you are involved in web or multichannel content creation. SEO and other considerations are important, but unless you’re writing for a targeted, flesh-and-blood audience, you have failed as a copywriter.

4.Step away. Come back. Repeat.

One of the quickest ways to improve the quality of your copy writing is to habitually step away from the stuff you write, even for just a few minutes. By creating a little distance from your work, you can regain perspective and streamline the editing process.

5.Don’t fall in Love

The best writers have commitment problems, at least when it comes to the words they write. Never, ever let your infatuation with or affection for specific sentences or paragraphs compromise your ability to remove any unnecessary material or awkward sections of your copy.


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Syed M. Umair
8 months ago

I agree with the tip of taking breaks between writing so you can let your diffused mode of thinking kick in.

7 months ago

Very useful tips to become a good copywriter.

6 months ago

very useful tips…. thank you.

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