How to Get Started Copywriting for Digital Marketing and Sales

Copywriting is the single most important skill you can learn if you’re looking to get into digital marketing and sales funnel creation. Time and time again I…


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4 months ago

To me, copywriting (from direct experience as a certified copywriter by Alison) is not a hard-rule thing. I believe it is MAINLY about COMMON Sense and Truth. Yes, every course teaches and is never a waste, but the MAJOR thing is to tell the TRUE STORY about every product (remember services are also products) we sell, and also apply DILIGENCE to ensure we make time to tell the very STORY: specs, features, etc.


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Tim Culpepper
4 months ago
Reply to  Chimereuche

Truer words are rarely spoken!

4 months ago
Reply to  Tim Culpepper

Sure, and really a not problem! I spent most of my days this very week searching for logistical products online for the assignment. It wasn’t easy at all because of the selfsame issues we have been lamenting: poor descriptions and unwillingness to tell the whole story. But on a bright note, Aliexpress sellers are really trying in this direction. Kudos to them!

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