3 ideas to ensure your product goes viral

Everyone dreams of getting their product viral on launch. Most people fail in the execution of this dream because they only dream. They don’t focus on finding strategies that ensure viral marketing. 

All the viral marketing campaigns in the past were not accidents. They were strategically optimized and well-planned to increase the number of people interested in it.

After analyzing some viral marketing campaigns, I have extracted a list of ideas supporting viral marketing campaigns.

1- Psychological triggers

Psychological triggers like scarcity effect and urgency work perfectly to increase interest in any product. The scarcity effect makes people more curious about the product, and everyone wants to experience it.

Many famous marketing campaigns like Snap spectacles and Dropbox used this strategy to increase interest in their products.

2-Focusing on a demography

Snapchat succeeded and went viral because it focused on teenagers. Teens were fed up with the parental checks on Facebook, so this dedicated youngsters app attracted them.

Everything, which makes them feel good, was added. Many filters were added to enhance photos and make them more fun. Secret chats and disappearing photos made it easier for youngsters to avoid parental checks.

All these targeted campaigns resulted in the popularity of Snapchat.


There is no doubt that referrals are the best way to generate viral loops. The successful execution, however, matters a lot. If a referral system is made easier, accessible, and beneficial for users, they definitely help you.

The best results are generated when referrals provide two-way benefits, both to the referring person and those who sign up. Dropbox used this strategy and successfully built 10 Billion users.

“Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.” –Brian Solis, blogger, author, & keynote speaker


If you want to make your product viral, you need to gear up. Do some brainstorming, and eventually, you will locate the perfect viral marketing idea. If you want to spread your product like wildfire, find the right spark for it.


What do you think?

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7 months ago

Absolutely right, I believe demography matters a lot.

7 months ago

In my opinion, referrals work best these days.

Rajni Rajput
7 months ago

Great ideas, referrals is the best in these days.

John Five
Rock Star
7 months ago

Very good article, thank you.

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