Top 5 Technology Influencers from the USA

Here is a list of the “Top 5 Technology influencers from the USA” that you must follow on Insta-

1. Marques Brownlee

His Bio @ Insta-

I promise I won’t overdo the filters.

Instagram Handle @mkbhd

Instagram Followers – 2.6 M

More than 2.5 million insta followers, also famous on youtube.

2. Justine Ezarik

Her insta Bio- Tech, Travel, Video Games

You can search her on Instagram @ijustine

Instagram Followers   1.6 M

She is a techie who loves to travel.

3. Technologyreview

Insta Bio – Our mission is to equip our audiences with the intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology. Official Instagram.

Simply search @technologyreview on Instagram

Instagram Followers   1.1 M

Share about everything.

4. Zack Nelson

Insta Bio – I review technology from the inside. “Create your own success”

Visit his Instagram Handle @zacksjerryrig

Instagram Followers – 748k

He shares technology from the inside, must visit his profile for once.

5. Filip Koroy

Insta Bio – I live for the future of

His Instagram Handle @everythingapplepro

His followers as per the day – 553k

More than half a millions followers… He shares everything about Apple products.

The above list will inspire you because all of the above people are passionate about the tech world; you will also like what they research for their followers and for internet users.

You can read out their journeys from humble beginnings to professional influencers in tech on youtube.


What do you think?

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John Five
1 month ago

I am going to get back into Insta, I will be sure to have a nose at these peoples profiles.

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