3 Top Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

Who doesn’t love a convenient free Chrome Plugin that makes life easier? As a digital marketer, you have so many things to keep track of daily; projects in various stages of development, new leads, existing clients, reporting, research, and so much more. You need all the extra help you can get to keep your mind, desktop, and files as organized as possible, while saving time and adding convenience to your browsing experience. 

So, let’s take a deeper look at some of the best Chrome marketing extensions that will make your life easier by improving your efficiency, organization, and insights. 

1. SEMRush – Get Complete SEO Data on the Current Window Instantly 

We all love SEMRush. Surely there aren’t too many digital marketers out there who haven’t at least given the platform a trial or are currently using an alternative like Moz. Sometimes though, we need even more convenience while browsing, and don’t have the time to continually open the SEMRush window, paste in the link and then wait for the data to appear. Luckily, the open with SEMRush extension allows you to gain complete insights into a website or page with a single click. 

2. BuiltWith – Discover What Platforms Sites Are Built On 

Sometimes understanding what technology a site is built with can give you more insights into the type of structure it has, strengths and weaknesses it has, and the overall competition it poses to your site. Other times, it can be a way into learning more about how you can develop similar features for your site, or avoid some functionality altogether. The BuiltWith extension allows you to easily learn what platform and what technologies a site is built within seconds.

3. SEOQuake – Accurate SERPs Analysis in Real-Time 

SEOQuake is similar to MozBar in the way that it helps the user to get more information out of their search while on Google. This tool gives much of the same data as MozBar, but the main difference is that it gives more information for free. Overall, the data is accurate, and the insights you get from this extension will seriously improve your digital marketing strategies. 

Overall, it depends on your needs. There are thousands of plugins available on Chrome that help you do just about anything imaginable. When it comes to the world of digital marketing, these are some of our favorite extensions that helped us to get amazing results. 


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10 days ago

Thanks for sharing, Rajni

8 days ago

These Chrome extensions are absolutely amazing, Thanks for sharing.

John Five
Rock Star
6 days ago

Thank you for sharing. I think SEMRush is a great tool.

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