5 Top Guidelines for Effective Copywriting

In its simplest and most comprehensive form, Copywriting is the act of writing text aimed at inviting people, prospective customers to buy a product, sign up for a training, subscribe to an email sequence or other marketing purposes. Although there is a thin line between them, copywriting is different from content writing which is primarily aimed at achieving or increasing value on a website such as website traffic, search engine ranking etc.

Copywriting involves writing copies for sales pages, landing pages, advertisements, email campaigns, sales funnels etc.

To write effective copies that will guarantee sales, there are some very important things to know and carry along as you write.

Write like you are conversing

This is very important. Many copywriters write as though they are university lecturers. As a copywriter, your copies should look as if you are talking to a friend, trying to introduce a product to him.  You should write in a very simple manner that is easy to read and understand.

Write to one person

In Copywriting, it is very essential to be specific. Write as though you are addressing a particular person or individual. Don’t use too much of collective words in your copy. Use a lot of “You” instead of words like “we”, “us”, “our”. This will help you to fully pass across the message and intention of your client concerning the product or service and your reader and prospective customer will also feel valued and carried along because the copy is addressing him personally. The more personal your copy sounds or looks, the more compelling it is.

Focus on selling, not entertainment

Storytelling and comedy are good methods of advertisement. However, it is very necessary to know that as a copywriter, you are an advertiser, and advertisement should be created with selling in mind, not entertaining. The people you entertain are not the same people that will buy from you. YES, they will read your copy but will only laugh after the last full-stop and disappear, failing to take action which is the main goal of the copy.

Understand customers’ buying psychology

To be a great copywriter, you must understand the science behind why customers purchase products. People buy on emotion and justify with logic. Therefore, as a copywriter, let your copy appeal to their emotions. Talk about them, their challenges and how the product can help them.

Always include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

At the end of your copy, call your readers to take an action by including a call-to-action button or link which could read “buy now”, “read more”, “get more info here”, “sign up here”, ”join us now” as the case may be. It could also be in the form of a form submission or social sharing button.


If a copy fails to guarantee enough sales, it could really be frustrating. Using these tips in your copywriting, your copies will become more effective and will achieve the main purpose why it is written in the first place.


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3 months ago

Excellent copywriting tips especially 4th one (to Understand customers’ buying psychology), keep up the great work bro

Syed M. Umair
3 months ago

Great tips! love the emphasis on the call to action, that is the most important.

John Five
Rock Star
3 months ago

Some good tips here, thank you.

Rajni Rajput
3 months ago

nice article. Very informative, Thanks for sharing.

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