eBay Dropshipping Tool for Beginners 2021!

In this article, I am going to talk about a tool I have just recently come across for eBay dropshipping. This tool is perfect for new eBay dropshippers and it is free to get started.

The tool I will be talking about is called HGR (Hustle Got Real).

I think this tool is great for beginners because you can sell up to 30 items before choosing to pay a monthly subscription, which is a great way of starting out if you don’t have a budget.

You can sign up for HGR here… https://app.hustlegotreal.com/Register

When you have signed up and logged in, you will be asked to add your eBay account, do this straight away has HGR will list your items, as well as monitor them for you. If an item you are selling goes out of stock, HGR will automatically end that item for you until it is back in stock.

This tool also gives you many suppliers which you can dropship from, I DO NOT recommend you dropshipping from Amazon on to eBay as for some reason eBay doesn’t like it, you will have no problems with any of the others.

You can dropship from as many of these as you want, but I recommend just starting with 1 or 2, until you get used to it. For this example, I will be using JD Williams.

The reason I like using JD Williams is because it saves a lot of time doing product research.

For this example, I am going to use garden items, and at the top, select… Sort By, Best Seller.

As you can see, it has brought up all the items that are selling now.

On HGR you will see… List Now at the top.

If you select Catalog, it will bring up items from JD Williams, on the left hand side where is says title, put in the title of the item you want to list, or you can select items from the Catalog.

Select the item or items that you want to list, then on the bottom left, you will see the blue List product tab, select that and your product will be listed to eBay with full descriptions.

You will be able to see your listed items under My Listing at the top, which also monitors stock and price etc.

Do check your listed items on eBay, as sometimes you can add more to the description which will help your item sell better.

I will keep this thread updated has I have just started using this, if any other dropshippers have experience with HGR, please say in the comments section below.


What do you think?

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Syed M. Umair
25 days ago

I love the fact that it allows you to sell up to 30 items after actually paying for a subscription to the service.

25 days ago

Excellent info, Thanks for sharing John, I will try this tool.

Rajni Rajput
13 days ago

nice article with images. Thanks

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