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What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is a marketing platform (one of the best) that launched in Poland in 1998. The company has more than 350,000 customers in 183 countries. The company provides marketing automation for small businesses, large corporations, and everything in between. In the beginning, the company only provided email marketing services. Now, the company provides much more: landing pages, webinar hosting, automated sales funnels, and other e-commerce and marketing solutions.

GetResponse allows you to create mailing lists and to send emails to the subscribers on your mailing lists; it also enables you to automate your emails with autoresponders.

The platform provides fantastic analytics of your email campaigns (like click-through rate, open rate etc.).

GetResponse Plans

The Basic Plan

The Basic Plan starts at $15 / Month for unlimited emails for up to 1000 subscribers. The basic plan gives you all of the email marketing features you need including autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, unlimited automation templates, 1 Sales funnel, unlimited lead funnels, Facebook ads integration, and the ability to sell your e-products.

This plan is good for businesses that are just starting or that operate on a very low scale or are just at the stages of growth.

The main differences between the basic plan and the other plans are: the ability to add additional admin accounts, auto funnels, and GetResponse’s CRM.

Most folks, just launching a business, can get by with the basic plan.

If you want to increase the subscriber limit you can see the table below for pricing options:

1000 Subscribers2500 Subscribers5000 Subscribers10.000 Subscribers25,000 Subscribers50,000 Subscribers
$ 15 / Month$ 25 / Month$ 45 / Month$ 65 / Month$ 145 / Month$ 250 / Month

The Plus Plan

This plan starts at $49 per month for unlimited emails to 1000 subscribers; this plan is advertised as the “Most Popular Plan”.

It has everything the basic has plus an automation builder with 5 workflows, the ability to create webinars, contact scoring and tagging, the ability to make 5 sales funnels, the ability to collaborate with up to 5 users, and the ability to create up to 5 webinar funnels.

This plan is for someone who already has a developed business on a small scale and is looking to grow it.

You can also increase the subscriber limit based on the table below:

1000 Subscribers2500 Subscribers5000 Subscribers10.000 Subscribers25,000 Subscribers50,000 Subscribers
$ 49 / Month$ 59 / Month$ 79 / Month$ 95 / Month$ 179 / Month$ 299 / Month

The Professional Plan

The Professional Plan starts at $99 / Month for unlimited emails to 1000 subscribers. It includes everything in the plus plan including – unlimited automation builder, paid webinars, up to 300 attendees in a webinar, unlimited sales funnels, unlimited webinar funnels, the ability to work together with up to 5 users and on-demand webinars.

This plan is for established businesses who are looking to multiply their profits and increase their growth.

As in the other plans, you can increase the subscriber limit according to the table below:

1000 Subscribers2500 Subscribers5000 Subscribers10.000 Subscribers25,000 Subscribers50,000 Subscribers
$ 99 / Month$ 119 / Month$ 139 / Month$ 165 / Month$ 255 / Month$ 370 / Month

The Max Plan

This plan has all the features of The Pro Plan including dedicated support, dedicated IP address, Microsoft dynamics integration, deliverability consulting, Single sign-on (SSO), Webinars with up to 500 attendees, and email campaign consulting.

Prices vary for this plan, depending on your needs.

Additional Notes on GetResponse Plans

GetResponse offers a 30 day free trial on any plan.

  • 30 days free
  • No credit card required
  • Cancel anytime

Important Note: If you exceed your subscriber limit, GetResponse will automatically upgrade you to the next plan. But, honestly, if your business is doing well enough to grow to the next plan, then the slightly higher cost for the service should not be a problem.

By the way, you can get an 18% discount if you buy 12 months altogether and a 30% discount for 24 months. Also, GetResponse offers a generous 50% off to non-profit organizations.

Email Templates

GetResponse offers great email templates which are quite varied in nature and design and are easily customizable. They are grouped in various categories to meet the needs of your business.

These templates look stunning and are distinguished from competitors’ offerings due to their variety and flexibility.

GetResponse Analytics

Getresponse’s analytics features are probably the most feature-rich analytics out there. The platform offers basic features such as open rate, click through rate, and unsubscribe rates, but it also offers additional features such as one-click segmentation to mark the subscribers that are not engaging with your email, so they start getting a different segment of emails.

The platform also offers metrics over time, so you can see things like the time of day subscribers are most likely to interact with your emails.

The platform also allows you to compare two e-newsletters side by side so can see which e-newsletter is performing better.

You also get per-user information, so you can see where people are located, when and from where they subscribed, and which emails they have opened in the past.

The platform also offers an “e-mail ROI” feature that allows you to track which emails are resulting in sales.

Some of the competitors of GetResponse like MailChimp offer similar analytics but GetResponse definitely provides more features.

Landing Pages

The landing pages are – by far – one of my favorite features of the platform. You can build beautiful pages that convert even if you have no coding experience. It’s super easy.

If you aren’t familiar with “Landing Pages”, these are the web pages that your subscribers “land” on when they click a link in your email. These special pages are usually focused and are intended to result in a conversion of some sort.

GetResponse’s Landing Pages feature is one of the main features that distinguish it from its competition (although MailChimp has also introduced Landing Pages, they are a bit complicated and buggy). On most of the other platforms, you have to use Third-Party apps to set up landing pages.

GetResponse offers the landing page feature on all of its plans. This is what makes it cost-effective as with other services you have to pay for landing pages on top of the plan (For example, Unbounce that has a minimum cost of $80/month on top of the email marketing plan) whereas GetResponse provides this feature at no extra cost.

A nice feature of the landing pages is the ability to include google analytics and Facebook pixels; this makes it easy to track what type of people are coming to your page and what type of people are buying. This also makes it easy to create targetable audiences for your Google and Facebook ads. In other words, you can create ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram that “re-target” people who have visited your landing page.

Integration Tools and Apps

GetResponse easily integrates with popular e-commerce solutions such as Shopify, WordPress, Google Integrations, Gmail, and Google analytics etc,

Marketing Automation and Autoresponders

If you aren’t familiar with “Autoresponders” these are tools that let you send emails automatically, upon signup, or at specific intervals, or at certain times. Most marketers will send an automatic welcome email after someone subscribes; the 2nd email is then sent automatically after a few days with a follow-up offer or message, and after that, more emails are often queued for continued engagement.

You can also send emails based on user information, purchases. clicks, opens etc.

If you are on a “Plus Plan” or higher, you also get workflow automation that sets up a sophisticated user-action based flowchart that sends each user the optimal email according to their situation, e.g., whether they have opened a certain link, bought a product, clicked on a particular offer, etc.

This is a really amazing feature that lets you create an unlimited workflow of emails. If used right this can be really powerful.


As mentioned earlier, GetResponse offers a webinar service, and I must say, I am impressed. The webinar feature has amazing functionality and is easy to use. Usually, for other webinar services, you have to pay extra, but GetResponse includes it in the plan.

The best part about the webinars is that users do not have to download any additional software; they can join instantly. This is huge!

And you get all the features you’d expect from a webinar feature (easy recording, screen sharing, PowerPoint presentations, etc).

The Webinar feature is offered in the Plus Plan (and up), but you can also buy it on the Basic Plan for an additional $40 / Month for 100 attendees and $ 99 / Month for up to 500 attendees.

One thing to keep in mind about the webinar feature is that there is no way of increasing the viewer’s list to more than 1000 attendees, also if you are on the Professional Plan or higher, you only have paid webinars available, meaning that the attendees have to pay to join the webinar.

Sales Funnel

The GetResponse sales funnel feature is what makes it an all in one tool for someone looking to do e-commerce. Not only can you set up your email marketing campaigns, create landing pages, and redirect your users to your sales pages, you can also process payments! And you can send people an abandoned cart reminder email if necessary.

You get all of this without ever needing to leave the GetResponse platform. If you do want to integrate an existing e-commerce platform such as Shopify, you can easily do so, but for many, especially new businesses, this is not necessary. By the way, GetResponse also allows you to create product catalogues and run Facebook ad campaigns…

And here’s the best part: you get this feature on the basic plan.

Customer Support

Customer support is very professional and is available 24/7. Support is available via live chat and email. They offer support in 8 different languages (English, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese).

If you are on the Max plan, you are also offered 24/7 phone support as well.

In my experience, I have not really had any issues with their customer support. They are very responsive and helpful.


GetResponse really is the all-in-one solution that most companies need. No other providers can compete with value, features, and number of integrations. You get all the e-commerce functionality you could ever want, and you get it under one roof.

By the way, the 30 day free trial does not even require a credit card, so what do you have to lose? Go ahead and sign up and take it for a spin.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section below. Also, feel free to share your experience with email marketing platforms; let us know which you think is the best.

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Syed M. Umair
Rock Star
8 months ago

I must say GetResponse is an amazing all-in-one email marketing platfrom. Thank you for the thorough review!

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