How to get approved for Maxbounty!

MaxBounty is a CPA affiliate network very similar to ClickBank but with much more updated offers.

I often see people saying they can’t get approved for Maxbounty, in this article I am going to tell you how to get approved so you can start running their CPA offers and making money.

Getting approved is very simple and only takes 24-48 hours.

Go to MaxBounty and select affiliate sign up.

Fill out all the details, name, password, email, website, phone number etc.

When you have submitted all of your information you will be asked if you can do a phone interview, select yes and you will see some time slots show up. Pick a convenient date and time you will be able to receive a call from one of the MaxBounty staff.

When you receive your call for the interview on the date and time you selected, you will be asked a few simple questions, the phone call is no more than 5 minutes long.

You will be asked how long you have been doing affiliate marketing and what niche do you have experience in.

For this example we will say Sweepstakes and you have 2 years’ experience, then you will be asked how you plan to promote their offers and bring traffic, for this your answer will be Social media.

You will then be approved by MaxBounty staff and receive an email to activate your account.

If you work with ClickBank, I strongly recommend joining MaxBounty as they have new offers every day.


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Rajni Rajput
6 months ago

Great Article… Effective tool for affiliate network

Syed M. Umair
6 months ago

wow, I didn’t know about maxbounty until now. Seems like a good affiliate site.

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