How to Get More TikTok Followers

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Define Your Target Audience

Use TikTok Analytics

Follow Trends

Do Your Hashtag Research

Promote Your TikTok Account on other Platforms

Post Quality Content Frequently

Stay Active and Engaged with Your Audience

Final Tips



TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. As of this writing, TikTok has almost 1 billion users, and it was the most downloaded app in 2019 after WhatsApp.

Whether you want to grow your audience as part of your business model, to increase your influence, or just to have fun, this article will help you. Let’s dive right in.

Define Your Target Audience

The first thing you need to do is select a target audience rather. As the saying goes, “If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one”. TikTok has a really large, broad, audience, so you need to narrow down your audience if you want to grow.

If you make content based on specific interests, the TikTok algorithm will show it to more people with similar interests, and they will share your content with their friends (who likely have similar interests). This is one reason why defining a target audience is so important.

One important thing to consider when defining your target audience is that a majority of the TikTok users are Gen Z. This means a majority of the users are between 16-24 years old, so that is an important consideration when creating content and growing your audience.

Use TikTok Analytics

One thing you need to do as part of your growth strategy is to track the performance of your TikTok account; you can get detailed analytics from TikTok itself. This is a great way to figure out which kind of content is getting engagement, so you can create more of that kind of content.

Also, this can be especially useful if you are looking to monetize your TikTok account in the future.

You can enable analytics by switching your TikTok account to a Pro account. Just go to your account settings; from there go to “Manage Account” and then select “Switch to Pro Account”.

Then you will have access to analytics related to your TikTok account; this will give you a good idea of who likes your ontent and which type of audience you should focus on.

In the example above, more women than men are engaged, so you probably want to tailor your content with that in mind..

Follow Trends

One way to grow is to identify trends and then copy them. Ride their coattails.

There’s a new trend every day and new music every day. It’s easy to see what’s trending; just go to your recommendations. Then add your own unique angle to the trending music and videos, and you might go viral.

These trends mostly include challenges, dances, lip-syncs, etc.

Do Your Hashtag Research

Hashtags will help you get discovered. Use them! People often sort by – or search for – specific hashtags, so you should use this to your advantage.

However, keep in mind, the broader the hashtag, the more competitive it is going to be.

For example, if you are posting a video about travelling using the hashtag “#travel”, then you’re going to have a hard time getting discovered. But if you pick something like “#MaldivesTravelDiary”, then you are far more likely to get discovered.

Tip: The hashtags “#foryou” and “#fyp” can help your content land on the “For you page” on TikTok.

To do your hashtag research, first go to the search tab where you will see which hashtags are trending.

Then, you can go to the Search tab and search for lower competition hashtags that are related to the big trends.

Let’s say you’re looking for hashtags related to make up; in this case, you’re main keyword would be “#makeup”. But that is too competitive, so you can search this hashtag and see which hashtags show up and how many views each of them have.

You can also look up the trending videos on particular hashtags and see what combination of hashtags they are using.

Your collection of hashtags should be categorized as follows:

  • High Competition Hashtags: More than 1 Billion views
  • Moderate Competition Hashtags: Views between 50 Million and 1 Billion
  • Low Competition Hashtags: Less than 50 Million views

The hashtags you use on your TikTok posts should be a combination of High, Moderate and Low competition hashtags.

Try to fit as many hashtags as you can in a video. TikTok limits the video description to 100 characters so make good use of the space that you have.

Promote Your TikTok Account on other Platforms

If you have a large following on another platform, then (obviously) you can promote your TikTok content on those platforms.

Just make sure that you’re promoting to the right type of audience because TikTok will begin showing your content to more of the same audience.

Post Quality Content Frequently

The more tickets you have to a lottery, the more chances you have of winning. Apply the same concept to TikTok; the more content you have, the more chance it has to go viral.

You should try to do as many videos in a day as you can, but don’t sacrifice quality. This should be a priority; if you can make 10 sub-par videos in 5 hours, but 3 quality videos in 5 hours, the 3 quality videos are DEFINITELY more important.

After a while your content will get lost amid all the new content by other people; this is why you need to continually produce new content yourself.

Also, don’t be afraid to repost your content, especially if it is high quality. If your audience is growing fast, then your new followers probably have not seen that great video you made last year, so feel free to repost.

Stay Active and Engaged with Your Audience

This is very important, you need to stay active; you need to reply to comments and you need to let your followers know that you care about them. This will improve your reputation, and the TikTok algorithm will rank your account higher as it will detect a lot of positive activity on your TikTok account.

There are many ways to appreciate your audience, especially your loyal followers. You can do shout outs. You can do audience voted video etc. You can engage with your audience via the live video stream feature. You can have Q & A sessions.

Eventually, your account will get too big to engage with everyone. One solution is to hire a TikTok account assistant who can help your account stay active and engaged even when you are busy.

These virtual assistants are easy to find freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, and the cost is usually minimal.

You can give your assistants tasks like scheduling posts for you, replying to comments, and staying engaged with the audience.

Final Tips

  • Do NOT buy followers! 99% of these followers are fake. And do not use bots. And do not use third party services. Your numbers will go up, but you will not get real engagement. And the TikTok algorithm will start working against you. Plus you have a high chance of getting banned.
  • Read all of TikTok’s terms and conditions, policies and community guidelines and follow them strictly, do not go against them. Some people post content against their community guidelines without knowing that it is not allowed. This can get you banned.


If you have any of your own tips or questions, please post them in the comment section below.

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John Five
Rock Star
7 months ago

I have never tried tic tok but know people that make good money using this platform.

7 months ago

excellent tips for the Tiktokers, people fail to get more followers because they do not target the right audience and they refer to buy the followers.

Syed M. Umair
7 months ago

Amazing Tips, TikTok has an amazing organic reach which we should take advantage of before all the marketers start flooding the app, and TikTok changes its algorithm.

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