How to Get More YouTube Subscribers

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Create Compelling Titles for Your Videos

Generate Quality, not Quantity

Write Engaging Video Descriptions

Create Attractive Thumbnails

Write an Engaging Channel Description

Create Content that Gets Engagement

Embed Your YouTube Videos into Your Website/Blog Posts

Create an Amazing Channel Trailer

Do Collaborations

Host a Giveaway



Whether you use YouTube for your business, for marketing, or just as a hobby, you probably could use a few more subscribers. Whatever your reason, this article will help. The following list of tips and techniques are proven to increase subscribers.

Create Compelling Titles for Your Videos

Video titles are especially important, especially if you are starting a new channel. Your video titles should describe exactly what your video is about.

For example, if you are just starting out (and have few subscribers), then generic titles like “My Make-up Routine” will not get many views. This is because people simply do not know who you are.

A better video title would be “Makeup Tutorial for Beginners: Learn How to Look Stunning with These Simple Makeup Tips”. This title is far more likely to get views than the generic one.

Another tip for your video titles: optimize for the search bar. This is where most people are going to find you, so your title needs to appear in the search results.

One way to do this is to see what searches are popular right now. To do this, go to the search bar and type your main keywords; from there you can get some great ideas for video titles.

Generate Quality, not Quantity

You may have heard the phrase “the more videos you upload, the more views and subscribers you get”. This advice is absolutely false.

You can create an infinite number of sub-par videos and upload them on your channel, but you won’t get much interaction if there are higher quality videos out there on the same topic. Also, the YouTube algorithm tracks things like engagement and view time, so it will figure out quickly whether your video is worthy of getting displayed in search results. If a large percentage of people leave your video early in the runtime, then that is a sign to the algo that the video is of poor quality.

If you were to put the same time and effort into 1 quality video that you put into 10 poor quality videos, you will likely get far more views and far more subscribers.

Write Engaging Video Descriptions

Video descriptions are super important because they will help you get discovered in the YouTube search results and in the Google search engine. For your video description, you should include your main keywords; also the video description should be descriptive and long and should describe in detail what your video is about.

Search engines prefer descriptive videos rich with text rather than the ones with no text at all.

And of course, your video description should make sense; you do not want to come across as spammy or as someone who is just writing random words in their description to “trick” the search engines (this does not work anymore).

Pro tip: Your keywords should be used only around 3 times; otherwise the algorithm will get suspicious and penalize your video in search results.

Let’s take a look at an example of a good video description (below); look at how the description is all about the topic of the video while including a transcript making it easier to get found in search engines.

Create Attractive Thumbnails

Thumbnails are especially important; great thumbnails will attract clicks.

People like appealing thumbnails. In fact, a lot of people might not even bother to read the text title.

The goal here is to create a thumbnail which sparks curiosity. Here is a great example.

This thumbnail is for one of Dan Lok’s videos; his channel provides financial and marketing education. This image is visually appealing, so it catches the eye. Also, it promises to tell you something you don’t already know. And it comes with a warning for those planning to start an online business. All of these components make for a compelling thumbnail that begs to be clicked.

Write an Engaging Channel Description

Your channel description should describe what your channel is about and what type of audience your channel is for.

Channel descriptions can also be used to display short bios.

Pro Tip: Keep it short. People don’t have a lot of time. And besides, they’re on YouTube to watch videos, not to read stuff. Also, end your description with a clear call-to-action asking the reader to subscribe.

Let’s take a look at a bad example of a channel description:

Now let’s take a look at a good example of a channel description:

See how comprehensive, yet precise Ted Talk’s description is as compared to the previous example.

Create Content that Gets Engagement

Engagement is everything. The YouTube algorithm ranks videos and channels according to the engagement they get; a video that 10% of viewers like will be ranked higher than a video 5% of viewers like.

Pro Tip: Ask your viewers to “hit the like button if you like the video” and “hit the subscribe button to enjoy more similar videos”. This will definitely increase engagement.

Also, ask for comments, and reply to most comments. The YouTube algorithm loves seeing activity and engagement on your channel.

Embed Your YouTube Videos into Your Website/Blog Posts

If you have your own website or blog, it is a great idea to create videos and blogs about the same content and then embed your YouTube videos on your blog.

This way your website will be rich in content, rank higher, and your video will get more views (and engagement).

Create an Amazing Channel Trailer

A YouTube trailer is a small video that starts playing when someone opens your channel. Here’s a great example.

Pro Tip: Look through old videos and see which ones got a lot of engagement. This will help you craft a compelling trailer. You can model the content that worked so well; you can even include short clips from your best content right in the trailer, kind of like a highlight reel.

Do Collaborations

Collaboration is a great way to increase your YouTube subscriber base with a particular targeted audience; you’ll need to search for a channel that is in the same niche as yours and has roughly the same amount of subscribers as you.

Then propose to the other channel owner a mutual promotion.

For example, both of you can agree to end one of your videos with, “some of these ideas were from “x” channel go check them out (pop-up box) by clicking here”.

There are also paid collaborations where you can pay another YouTuber with a much larger subscriber base than yours to advertise your channel on their site.


This all can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but in the end, it will pay off. You will eventually reach a “critical mass” of around 1000 subscribers; once you reach that point, there is often a snowball effect and organic growth really takes off.

If you have any additional tips, please add them below.

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6 months ago

Great post Tim. Thanks for sharing it. I too believe that creating engaging channel trailers and thumbnails can make a huge difference.

John Five
Rock Star
6 months ago

Great post, I am thinking about starting a YouTube channel.

Rajni Rajput
6 months ago

Great Tips Tim. I will definitely use your tips on my YouTube Channel.


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