How to increase your blog’s D.A?

1. Optimize the technical SEO of your blog

  • First, opt to speed and reliable hosting, I recommend Bluehost. 
  • Build your blog mobile-friendly with themes like Astra.  
  • Build effective navigation throughout your blog
  • Optimize titles, meta descriptions, slugs, images, and keywords
  • Use SEO tools like Yoast, SEMrush to optimize your blog posts

2. Build quality content

Nothing works in the first place for your blog if you don’t consistently produce quality content. It is fundamental and essential to rank on Google. 

  • Know your audience and learn their search intent
  • Research the subject by going through competitors’ content
  • Make the content easy-to-consume with easy font, headings, and media elements

3. Build backlinks

Focus on building quality follow-links to your blog.

  • Leverage blog commenting and guest blogging strategies to build quality backlinks
  • Write on Quora, Medium, LinkedIn, etc and link back to your relevant post
  • Find roundup and contribution opportunities and submit your input

4. Social media 

You may already have social share buttons on your blog that enables readers to share your content on social media platforms. This will help you to reach a bigger audience base and to get more brand mentions.


What do you think?

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1 month ago

Great tips we’ve got here.

Syed M. Umair
Rock Star
1 month ago

Domain authority is very important for any website. Thanks for the tips!

1 month ago

You’re right! Domain authority is very important now a days, but many people manipulate it which is very bad. If you’re looking to buy Backlinks, you surely need to check other metrics apart from DA. This article shares the legit methods, I appreciate your post

John Five
Rock Star
1 month ago

Great tips. Thank you for the share.

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