How To Make T-Shirt Designs That Sell


If you plan to start your own T-shirt business or just sell T-shirt designs on sites like Etsy or Amazon Merch, you have to create great designs. Because it is more often the design that sells not the T-Shirt itself. So Let’s dive into a few things you need to know to create designs that sell.

Study The Top Sellers:

There is a reason why the top-selling T-Shirts made it to the top. When you are just starting out, studying what is dominating the market can help a ton. Always go into details of each top-selling product. You will find that a lot of them have a few things in common. For example, take a look at this top top-selling product on Etsy:

Notice how the Product title is unusually long, this is common among most of the top products as this is a way to add as many keywords to the product title that is relevant to the product so that more people can easily find the product giving it an SEO advantage.

Be Original:

Studying your competition does not mean you can just copy their ideas. The point of the previous tip is to get inspiration from the top-selling T-Shirts and ideas on how they manage to sell a lot. 

Originality sells more than anything, if you can come up with an idea that nobody has yet thought about which turns out to be something everybody loves, you could earn a fortune.

Target Cross Niches:

Targeting a specific niche can be effective, but combining two niches together could potentially have a really huge impact. Combining two niches allows you to fill a market gap which, if done right, can lead to big sales. 

Take a look at this example for instance:

This T-shirt targets two markets: One is the birthday niche which is an evergreen niche and the other one is for people who are fans of the mobile game “Among Us”. This is a great way to combine two niches into a profitable design.


The T-Shirt market is growing year after year and it is a market that will stay profitable. Use these tips to gain an advantage and leverage your T-Shirt business to become a successful one. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.


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John Five
Rock Star
1 month ago

This is a really good idea, I know somebody that does the same but with mugs. Thanks for sharing.

1 month ago

Great article, Syed

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