How to optimize your images on WordPress for beginners!

I often see people ask, do you need to optimize images on a website? The answer to this is YES has it helps in many ways.

In this article, I am going to tell you how to optimize your images in WordPress, how it helps and why it is important.

Optimizing your images is very important as it helps with major factors like, website/page speed and user experience, which are both very important when it comes to SEO and website ranking.

Image optimizing is easy to do, there are many plugins you can use to do this, for this example, I will be using a plugin called Smush which is free and will do everything you need. You can purchase the Pro version which will give you a few more options.

When you have installed and activated the Smush plugin, it will auto-optimize your images as you upload them, without affecting the quality and improve your page speed.

Smush will make the file size smaller, keeping the same quality, so that your images load faster.

Smush as Lazy Load option which must be activated, Lazy Load makes it so that the images load as you are scrolling through the website, instead of them all loading at the same time, which would slow your page speed down.

You can get the Smush plugin here. Did I mention, it’s free?

I hope that people have found this helpful, if there is anything else you want to ask, please say in the comments section below.


What do you think?

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Tim Culpepper
16 days ago

This is a fantastic plugin. I’ve used it on my sites.

Rajni Rajput
14 days ago

Smush is the great plugin to optimize the images. Good one

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