How to Set Up Instagram Shopping

When you enable Instagram Shopping, you’ll be able to tag products in posts, Stories, IGTV videos, and Reels. And another option will become available to you. Namely, Instagram will add your shop to your profile. Every time customers visit your account, they’ll be able to navigate to the shop and find products that interest them.

Now, you’ll need to follow certain steps if you want to create shoppable posts. 

Confirm Eligibility

Instagram is strict when it comes to which businesses can make use of its shopping features. There are certain requirements sellers need to fulfil before getting their shop approved by the app. It’s not surprising that Instagram has imposed these requirements. After all, they want to have only genuine retailers on the app.

Here are some of the requirements for Instagram Shopping:

  • Your brand needs to be located in a supported market.
  • It’s crucial that you have an eligible product for sale.
  • Your business needs to own a website that your customers will visit to make a purchase.

Have a Business or Creator Account

Of course, it’s absolutely necessary that you have a business account on Instagram in order to sell your products.

Connect to a Facebook Page

As you know, Facebook owns Instagram, and the company has ensured that the two apps are as connected as possible.

Upload Your Product Catalog

After following the above three steps, you’ll be ready to upload your product catalogue. This is a list of all of your products together with inventory and descriptions. 

To discover more about the Instagram Shopping requirements, visit this link.


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John Five
Rock Star
1 month ago

Good advice, thank you for sharing.

Rajni Rajput
1 month ago

Nice article. thanks for sharing.

1 month ago

One of the best ways to make money online through instagram. Thanks for sharing.

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