How To Start a T-Shirt Business For FREE


With the substantial growth of online shopping and closing down of major shopping malls, the online T-shirt industry has been growing rapidly and is expected to keep on growing in the future as well and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a budget to start a T-shirt business as this guide will help you start one for FREE. 

Getting Started:

Although this is a guide to start a T-Shirt business for free, you may need a credit card (which you will find out why later in this article).

The top three websites from which you can do this are Tee Spring, Red Bubble, and Etsy. For this guide, we will be talking about Etsy as that is the preferred platform to use due to its larger traffic volume.

Creating a T-Shirt Design:

You don’t have to be a graphics designer to design T-Shirt designs, you can just use smart and funny phrases. For example, this simple two-word T-shirt has made over 30K sales just because it is a smart and funny T-shirt.

And if you want to create designs instead of phrases, Canva is a great website to do that. It is super easy to create designs there with thousands of templates. 

You also should do a check if the design you are using has a free license or not and it is free for commercial use, as some designs may not be. The same goes for Phrases, you need to check that the phrase is not trademarked and whether the font you are using for the phrase is free for commercial use or requires a licensing fee.

Preparing The T-shirt:

Now that you have created the T-Shirt design go to Printify which is an online Print on Demand service that lets you print T-shirts on demand and sell them out to customers. Printify also lets you integrate with Etsy so when someone orders on your Etsy store it will automatically go to Printify. 

Although with Printify you have to first decide in which country your target audience is so you can select the supplier for that country.

After you choose a supplier note their price of production and shipping. This will be your cost of goods, and you want your sale price higher than this. The difference will be your profit. Do take into account transaction fees etc when calculating your net profit.

List The T-Shirts:

In order to list a product on Etsy for 4 months, there is a fee of $0.20.

BUT you can get 40 free listings just by searching for “40 free listings” on Etsy. Here you don’t have to buy anything just go to the product description and you will get your 40 free listings, and after you get them you also get 40 listings to share with others as well.

Once you get your product up and have integrated Etsy with Printify, your T-shirt business is up and ready to go. 


As you can see, starting a T-shirt business is not that hard. But since it is not that hard, there will be a lot of competition, so it’s always better to start now than later. If you have any questions you can ask in the comment section below.


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John Five
Rock Star
7 days ago

Great article Syed, one of my friends is doing this & mugs, I am getting tempted myself, thank you for sharing 🙂

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