How to Start an Online Business

Step 3: Select a Product

Once you have signed up to a couple different affiliate networks, it’s time to start finding individual products to promote. The products you choose to promote can make or break you, so you’ll want to choose carefully.

One benefit of using a large network like Amazon is the ability to see reviews for most products. This makes potential buyers more comfortable when purchasing a product because they can see feedback from previous buyers.

As long as you look for products with a large number of reviews and an overall positive rating, you will generally be safe as far as the quality of the product is concerned.

If you are promoting digital products, then you will find useful metrics in most marketplaces that will help you choose which products to promote.

Clickbank, for example, provides a metric called “gravity” for each product. This is the number of different affiliates who have made a commission on that product (at least one) in the previous 12 weeks. The higher the gravity, the more popular it is. This is good and bad by the way. If the gravity is too high, then that means there is a lot of competition among affiliates to promote that particular offer. If you have an existing list or an existing social media following, then this competition does not matter. On the other hand, if your method of promotion is SEM (Search Engine Marketing), for example, then the cost of advertising is going to be too expensive to promote (due to the competition). Similarly, if you rely on highly ranked (in Google) web pages, then you will be competing with a lot of other affiliates for that top spot in the search results. For all of those reasons, you may wish to promote lower gravity products (that don’t have as much competition).

The “Rebill” metric on Clickbank is also super useful. Rebills are subsequent recurring purchases made by the buyer of any given product. Rebills generate recurring commissions… High Rebill metrics indicate that a buyer is so happy with a product, that he/she is willing to pay a recurring payment. This is a great indicator of quality. Also, the compounding power of recurring commissions can be super profitable to you. So this is definitely a metric to pay attention to.

Pro Tip: So that’s how I usually select a product, but now that I go back and read it, I realize that this is not exactly beginner-friendly. To that end, I’d recommend watching the product selection video segment at Affiliate Bootcamp. It’ll show you exactly how to choose a product.

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