How to Use Social Media Stories to Grow Your Business

Social media stories are the new trend (for about two years now). And, the rate at which they have grown popular is astonishing. Companies like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, even LinkedIn now have this feature added to their social apps.

How to create stories/fleets that convert?

1. Being Transparent

The modern audience is selective and expects transparency in every aspect, including social media. Sharing posts that relate to your business’s culture will help generate trust and thus strengthen the core of your relationship with customers.

2. Using Videos

Nothing can be more effective than a strong video message. And when it comes to using them as stories, there’s no other choice. Although it is difficult to produce quality video content, it gains significantly more attention than images alone.

3. Share relevant content

Stories are short-lived, sharing relevant content over evergreen makes more sense. Try to post fresh and trending content in your stories. 

4. Running Contests

Stories are a great way to announce giveaways, contests, and promotional campaigns running at your small business. Information about events like flash sales, contests, etc., can be shared through stories.

5. Use real and quality images

Using real photos and videos from your business will convey the idea of originality and tell users that there’s nothing to hide.


Keep consistency: it’s expected that you won’t get many views initially, especially if you don’t have a huge following – again, posting stories ensures that your messages are going in front of those who already follow you. But by creating a discipline and posting regularly, you can transform your revenue stream.  


What do you think?

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Syed M. Umair
2 months ago

Great article. Instagram stories are the best if you are growing an online business, especially after 10K followers Instagram unlocks the swipe up feature which has amazing conversion rates.

Rajni Rajput
2 months ago

Nice article. Facebook and Instagram stories are really important for marketing

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