How To Write Compeling Email Subject Lines


Subject lines are the most important element of an email. The subject line is the headline of the email. In just a few short words, a subject line needs to tell the subscribers that the email is worth opening and that it promises value.

Create Some Urgency:

If you are a marketer you’ve heard the word “create urgency” a little too often, this is because of the simple reason that IT WORKS! All humans have this psychological fear of missing out. Also, we as humans are insane procrastinators and we tend to put things off until it’s urgent, which is why creating urgency always has and always will be effective.

An example of an urgent subject line would be: “Only 10 copies of our program are left, get yours before they run out”

However, the biggest mistake people do is they use urgency way too often and end up looking like “the brand who cried wolf”


One of the best ways to spark emotions for your subscriber is to use some personalizations by including their first name in the subject. Most people already know that adding first names to an email is also an automated process, yet it’s still effective in increasing open rates to up to 15%.

There are hundreds of other ways an email can be personilzed to the specific subscriber based on their behaviour on your site or their recent purchases.

Evoke Curiosity:

Using mystery in your subject line produces a strong urge in the subscriber to fill in the missing information. One of the best ways to do this is to ask your subscribers a question and promise something interesting inside the email.

Evoking curiosity does not mean you have to be click-baity, click-baity emails are those emails whose subject lines are super compeling but the content is completely different from their subject lines. Your emails should not follow this behaviour otherwise your subscribers will feel betrayed and the unsubscribe rate will increase drastically.


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9 days ago

Subject lines are very crucial in any email Marketing campaign.

Rajni Rajput
9 days ago

nice article. Keep it up… Good job

7 days ago

Nice tips to write a compelling email subject line. Evoke curiosity is the interesting point.

John Five
Rock Star
6 days ago

Evoke Curiosity is very powerful when comes to email marketing.

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