Make Money As An Instagram Influencer


Instagram influencing has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, while some people consider it as a part-time hobby, some even have this as their full-time job. The Instagram influencer Aussie fitness star Kayla Itsines (29 years old) has a net worth of $463M. This just goes to show how powerful Instagram Influencing can really be if done right.

The Road To Becoming An Instagram Influencer:

Pick Your Niche: 

Your Niche should preferably revolve around something you love, and something that you are passionate about. That way you won’t get bored and would be super motivated in making content and monetizing it.

Create Posts Everyday:

This does not mean posting random stuff every day. The main focus here is creating value with your posts. Posting the posts on Instagram is only 10% of the work. 90% of the work goes into the thought behind the post and creating it. Most successful Influencers report spending an entire day or 2 days just to create one post. It is all about focusing on creating quality instead of quantity. 

Your posts should also be “shareable”. Try to think of something YOU would share when creating posts.

Stay Active:

Engaging with the followers regularly because in order for an influencer to have an influence on their audience is by regular interaction.

For a more in-depth look at how to grow your Instagram following, check out Tim Culpepper’s article: 6 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Making Money as An Instagram Influencer:

Affiliate Links: 

This is the easiest way to make money as an influencer where you help sell other’s products for a commission. However, this may not be the most profitable. You could have this option at the beginning of your Influencer journey growing towards more profitable ways with time.

Sponsoring Brands:

This is the most common strategy that influencers use to make money. This could even be the most profitable depending on which brands want to sponsor with you. You could either charge brands per post or have brands offer you free products in return for promotional posts.

Selling Your Own Product:

This method is potentially more profitable than affiliate links as you get to keep all the profits and you could even run an affiliate program for other influencers as well. This however requires more work but is always worth it in the end.

[Note: All the tips for making money should be based on your niche. You won’t earn much if you are promoting men’s clothing on a women’s niched Instagram account.]


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16 days ago

Instagram influencing is very powerful and profitable.

Rajni Rajput
6 days ago

Influencer Marketing is powerful resource

John Five
Rock Star
5 days ago

Thanks for the tips, yes it is very important to stay active I find.

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