Must Know Ad Network advice for your Website 2021

Many people that use ad networks on their site normally seem to use google ads, Mediavine, Popads etc which is ok for extra income but very low commissions compared to another network.

In this article, I am going to tell you about a very important announcement that a big Ad network has made and pays out very good commissions. This network is called Ezoic, in the past, you needed a minimum of 25000 sessions a month to your website via Google analytics before you could get approved.

With this network, you can triple your commissions on ads easy compared to other networks like Google das etc.

Ezoic has just made an announcement that they are now accepting brand new websites with little or no traffic.

You can sign up for this Ezoic program here…

When you have signed up, it will take you through a little course you have to do (just so you understand Ezoic), then answer a few questions, it is easy to do as there are videos for you to watch which tell you all about the network.

This is a great little extra income for affiliate marketers and bloggers.

I recommend that you add this to your website when you have 30+ articles and have got a steady flow of traffic, I have signed up and will be adding Ezoic to my site in about a month, I will keep this updated with my results.

If you are already running different ad networks on your site, I would consider looking into Ezoic as the pay-outs are much higher and you will notice a difference in your commissions straight away.

I hope that people find this helpful, if anybody else is using Ezoic, please share your experience in the comment section below.


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Rajni Rajput
6 days ago

Nice advice for ad network. Thanks for sharing.

Syed M. Umair
6 days ago

Great ad network advice. I will be trying this on my sites.

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