Never do this if you want to be a successful blogger

Do you know 99% of blogs fail every year? Well, this might be shocking for you, but it is true. Every year thousands of people start a blog in the search of a passive income source. What they forget is to do in-depth research before starting blogging.

The major issue which makes blogs fail is that they do not focus on market research and value before starting the blog. They lack the know-how of market gaps and thus, they cannot stand out in the crowd of blogs.

Never blindly run after passion

It is always wise to know what not to do before we learn what to do. So, while you are making a blog, never ever solely choose the niche based on your passion.

What might drive you crazy would not necessarily attract other people. You cannot blindly choose a niche where the number of interested people is less even if you are passionate about it.

Value of niche

Never choose a niche in which people would not spend money on. If readers spend money on a niche, it makes it easier for you to diversify your blog income.

The most important thing is money, apparently. No one wants to spend their hard-earned pennies on a thing they know nothing about. So if you guide them on how to spend money on the right product, they will love your content.


Suppose you are great at making paper ships. You decide to teach it on your blog. Will anyone be interested in learning this “skill”? Will anyone put their time and money in this niche?

Almost no one would bother to search this. Eventually, you will fail to get traffic on your blog leading to turn your blog reach the 99% failed blog list.

Take away

You can choose  a niche which you like to write on but it must have:

  • Value in the market.
  • People spend money on it.
  • People are passionate about it.
  • It brings a change in lives.
  • The niche is not saturated and has some gaps to be filled.

If your desired niche follows this checklist, congratulations, my friend, you are a future star blogger.


What do you think?

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Tim Culpepper
4 months ago

Fantastic advice. Especially the part about picking a niche. Thanks!

3 months ago
Reply to  Tim Culpepper

Yes you are right Tim, I agree.

Saad Ahmad Lone
4 months ago

What a smooth way of explanation. Good Job!

John Five
4 months ago

This Is really well explained. Very good article.

Syed M. Umair
4 months ago

Great article! Especially the “suppose” part. We should always begin with the end in mind, whether its for blogging or anything else.

Rajni Rajput
4 months ago

Yes, this is true and great advice, You need to do in-depth research before starting blogging.

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