SEO Areas of Knowledge You Need to Master to Become an Expert

To become an SEO expert, you need a mastery of certain knowledge and skills. There is a growing demand for SEO experts. If you are an aspiring SEO professional, you need to know the different areas of knowledge.

The following are some of the areas you ought to master for your campaign success and career advancement.

Keyword Research

Over the years, keyword research has evolved. Other than focusing only on key phrases, you need to pay attention to the audience. This means you must understand your audience in and out. For instance, you must understand their psychographics and demographics. In this way, you can develop content that resonates with them.

Competitor Research

Another area of knowledge you should master is competitor research. You need to check top brands and sites that rank higher. The auditing should be done both manually and with the use of tools to know what makes your competitor’s websites thrive. In this case, you have to look at both the on-page and off-page factors.

Web Analytics

As an SEO expert, you are required to analyze the performance of the website. You need to determine the impact of your efforts and strategy. There are different aspects and customizations you ought to master. You can use different analytics tools to get a picture of what your search intent is and the impact of your search engine optimization efforts.


In this case, you need to master knowledge regarding Google Tag Manager, heatmaps, and analytics. Although most tracking updates and implementations are quite straightforward, the need to troubleshoot is an underrated skill.


You need to know how indexing works. This will help you in troubleshooting websites and coming up with marketing strategies. For instance, eCommerce websites and large sites that contain lots of duplicate content need strategies on crawl budget and canonical use.


It is now easier to do SEO without extensive knowledge of SEO. However, you still need to know some HTML basics to troubleshoot problems with your content management system.

Local Search

You should note that responsibilities and roles vary depending on the structure of your organization.  If you are working for a local SEO company, you need to know the local search ecosystem, proper use of address, and ranking factors.

Link Building

Although you want to create content that can attract links, you need to know how linking impacts rankings. Also, you need to know how to come up with a link building strategy. You need to understand the difference between quality and quantity. A grasp of strategies to attract and gain high-quality links is necessary.

On-Page SEO

In this era, the focus on on-page SEO has shifted to context and content. You have to ensure that the content posted addresses topics, even if it is not hyper-focused on the specific keywords.


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John Five
1 month ago

These are all very good & important tips, thank you.

Rajni Rajput
1 month ago

These all points are important for SEO. Best of luck…

1 month ago

Very good points. Thanks

Syed M. Umair
1 month ago

This is such a great article!

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