Social Video Marketing A Must Go To Task

Digital marketing is rapidly evolving in video marketing for being the most overwhelming trend at this time. With the burst of sponsored targeted ads on social media platforms the art to draw people’s attention has become more challenging. The reasons why a video marketing strategy is trending on social media sites are because: 

  • It grabs the quickest attention
  • It is far more affordable than commercials
  • It retargets viewers by viewing thresholds

There are a few tips you need to opt for making a video more attractive. Engage your customers with attractive content and graphics to look more appealing. Make your content simple so that it can be readable and easily understood to everyone. Add keywords and tags in your video for more visibility. 

The title should be appealing and the description should contain the title for once. Do not make a long video for like 5–7 minutes, people will not see a long video unless you have great content to explore. Make a short video and tell in a brief way about your product and services.

Engagement with the customers and being updated with your social media platforms is a good strategy. Try to be responsive to the queries of customers on the spot.

 Prefer videos of a demo, brand, event, informative topic, animations, and case study. These types of videos are very important for customer engagement and people online are observing your brand’s progress on social media. Choose and add appropriate backlinks for your videos and encourage followers to share them.


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Syed M. Umair
4 months ago

Great article Kashif! I agree, social video marketing is a very powerful tool.

4 months ago

Video marketing is a very vital aspect of digital marketing.

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