The Prominent Rise of Copywriting

Years ago, Gary C. Halbert, David Ogilvy, Claude C. Hopkins were the known faces of copywriting. However, today, thousands of people have jumped into the copywriting space and are making a living from the lucrative business.

It is worthy to note that copywriting is not just writing but selling through words, hence it’s difference then content writing. A content writer creates content to add or achieve value such as more followership or traffic or an increase in website content, while a copywriter sells a product or service through words.

This business is highly lucrative and promising. However, it requires time before one can possess a mastery of it. Many people who desire to become prominent copywriters sign up for various copywriting courses, watch YouTube videos, consume written content such as blog posts and articles on copywriting to brush up their writing skill.

Many copywriters have gone on to make up to $1000, $2000, $5000 per copy. A copy job could include writing sales copies, advertisement copies, slogans, headlines, taglines, website content, email copies, whitepapers etc. Copywriting jobs could be gotten from various job boards such as UpworkGuruFreelancerPeopleperhour and also on social network platforms like LinkedInFacebookTwitter etc.


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Syed M. Umair
2 months ago

Copywriting is one of the best freelancing jobs out there too.

Rajni Rajput
2 months ago

Best way to make money online.

John Five
Rock Star
1 month ago

Yes, see a lot of people making a lot of money doing this on Upwork and also Fiverr.

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