Top 5 Copywriting Tools to use in 2021

Creating a persuasive copy is the heartbeat of every copywriter. Whether you are writing a blog post, sales copy, email newsletter or Ad copy, the goal is for your copy to come out as a compelling one so that it can achieve the purpose for which it is written. This is the most important thing in copywriting and in marketing as a whole. In an attempt to produce good copy, some tools can help you out, improve your content and help scale your content marketing.

Let’s check them out below.

#1. Hemingway App

One of the best copywriting tools available today, the Hemingway App has the capability to help you develop your self-awareness as a content creator. Very easy to use, you only have to enter text to see which bits are highlighted as too long or complicated. The App will then identify words with more appropriate substitutes and gives your writing a readability score.

#2. Yoast Plugin

Yoast is another text analyzer that gives you concrete visual feedback about your writing. The main function of Yoast is to make your writing Google-friendly. To achieve this, it uses an alternative set of mathematical formulas, based on keyword density and other metrics. However, it is not free to use.

#3. Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus is an excellent tool for finding synonyms or suitable replacements for words used in your writing. It also offers antonyms and lets you sort results according to word type. This tool is also very suitable for checking grammar.

#4. Google Ads

Aside from tools that help you check your writing, some tools help you in researching your topic. There’s no point writing something well if no one is going to read it. So, before you start writing, there is a need to make sure you are writing on a topic that will get readers.

Google Ads is the advertising network that businesses use to show up on SERPs and create Display Ads. Google Ads shows you the total number of searches for a particular term in any region. So, this can help you choose the best topic to write on especially if you are to decide between two different topics. This tool also shows you how many other people are likely to be writing about the same thing.

#5. UberSuggest

UberSuggest helps to find profitable SEO keywords that could deliver maximum results. Through this app, you can find the number of people searching specific keywords, and find easy-to-rank-for keywords. You only need to enter a keyword and click “Search” to find all the related search terms that people are searching for on Google.


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Syed M. Umair
22 days ago

These are all really useful tools! Thanks for sharing Emmanuel!

20 days ago

All are excellent tools, especially Power Thesaurus is absolutely amazing. I bookmarked the page. Thanks for sharing! keep it up, my friend.

Rajni Rajput
19 days ago

nice article… keep it up.

John Five
Rock Star
18 days ago

Great tools, I use the Yoast plugin myself, I did use ubersuggest until they put a limit of 3 free searches a day on it so I switched to Google keyword planner. Thank you for sharing.

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