Top Forms of Copywriting

Copywriting is writing or creating content intending to make consumers interested in a product or service. Over the years, it has become one of the highest-paying businesses in the internet space. However, there are various forms of copywriting. Read on as they are explained below.

Direct-Response Copywriting

Just as the name implies, this form of copywriting is aimed at leading a reader to a buying position there and then, that is, immediately. The goal of this type of copywriting is to see that a reader makes an immediate buying decision at the end of reading the copy. Have you ever read a Facebook Ad copy or a long sales letter on the internet and you felt like buying the product it describes immediately? That is a direct-response copy. 

SEO Copywriting

This involves writing copy that is keyword-optimised for SEO. In writing an SEO copy, the copywriter takes the list of keywords relevant to the company or business involved and inserts them naturally into the copy so that it reads well and helps to achieve good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

Social Media Copywriting

Just as it sounds, social media copywriting involves writing contents like social media posts, social media group posts, social media page posts, social media page Ad copies etc. The goal of creating this kind of copy is to create awareness about a brand, business or company to increase follower base, readership and sales as the case may be.

Technical Copywriting

This kind of copywriting is less sales-oriented but requires much detail. It intends to produce content that promotes company findings or the best use of a product. This kind of copywriting is found in White papers and in-depth industry guides. Many companies and organisations need white papers to make their findings or research widely accessible. They also need industry guides to help the consumers of their products. This is where technical copywriting is needed.

There are still many others but I would love to drop my pen here for now.


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