Top SEO and E-Commerce Chrome Extensions

SEO Pro Extension:

SEO pro extension is a useful SEO tool that does a sort of SEO audit for your website and lets you know in which places you are lacking and how you can improve them. It also allows you to compare your website with your competitors and optimize your website’s SEO in order to rank higher. It offers great analytics in terms of SEO.


Grammarly is by far the best tool for writing, especially for marketing writing. It offers features ranging from simple spelling & grammar corrections to rephrasing entire sentences to meet a certain criteria for what the sentence is being written about. 


The bitly chrome extension helps to make link shortening easy, simple, and most importantly quick. The link will automatically be copied to your clipboard. You can also customize links with UTM tags or even use custom branded domains to make your links look more professional and branded.


This tool is specially designed for Google Docs users. It offers a ton of slash commands that help you save time and increase productivity and effectiveness. 

For example: if you wanted to impose header 2 on a text, you can simply do it with gSweets by using the slash command /h2 instead of having to go to the toolbar. 

Buffer Extension:

The Buffer extension is a great tool to simply social media sharing your brand with just one click. It allows you to post the articles in front of you directly to social media, or to your social media queue for future scheduling

Headline Studio:

Headline studio is a great chrome extension that helps digital marketers improve their headlines in order to get more traffic from it. It also suggests headlines, analyzes if a headline is performing well or bad, and compares the headline to competitors.

Headline studio is a great tool for marketers trying to improve SEO on their websites.


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