What can be done to optimize e-commerce stores?

1. E-commerce keyword research 

The first and foremost step that you should never miss out on in an e-commerce SEO campaign is keyword research. If you do not get this portion done thoroughly, it can lead to: 

  • Targeting the wrong keywords that too difficult to get a rank on Google’s page one 
  • Pick those keywords that do not drive too much traffic or pushes customers to buy 

2. E-commerce site architecture 

The e-commerce site architecture is basically the structure of your site. In simple words, it is about how you organize the category pages, navigation, and product pages.

For creating a better e-commerce site, your goal should be to provide the users with the best and relevant content with the least possible clicks. 

3. On-page SEO strategy for e-commerce sites 

If you have to make sure your keywords are placed rightly, you need the help of on-page SEO. Through on-page SEO, you inform Google what your online site is all about. It is through on-page SEO that you can appear on SERP or Search Engine Results Page.

4. Local SEO for e-commerce retailers

If you want more local traffic or have a physical store with the same brand name, you can boost it with local SEO. For this, you have to: 

  • Create Google My Business profile 
  • Build local citations 
  • Get local links 


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Syed M. Umair
1 month ago

great post. SEO and keyword research are very important for every website.

Rajni Rajput
1 month ago

Nice post… Keep it up.

John Five
Rock Star
1 month ago

Good advice, thank you.

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