What is the Best Strategy to Promote Affiliate Products?

The answer is creating Product Reviews.

This is most effective when you actually buy the product and review it yourself personally. A lot of people do not do this because they would have to buy the product. The thing they forget though is that investing a very small amount just to own the product can get them way ahead of their competition. Some sellers even offer their product for free to their affiliates. All you have to do is just go ahead and ask whether they do or not.

You can create the review as a general review of the product and not as someone trying to sell it while including an affiliate link at the end of your article.

Product review videos are the best. The trick is to not appear as someone trying to just sell the product. Be honest about the product in question. If the product has some flaws, mention them, if you try to sugar coat every flaw of the product it will become super obvious you are just trying to sell.

You should not limit your video platform to just YouTube and Facebook, there are many others (like Daily Motion etc.) which you can promote your review videos on. Plus, almost all the video platforms give you the ability to Embed your videos, so you can have the videos directly on your landing pages as well.


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4 days ago

You are right, Product review videos are the best way to promote affiliate products.

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