Why Most Drop shippers Fail

Your Mindset:

“You fear failure more than you desire success” think about it. This is the single biggest reason people prefer to do normal jobs as there is a steady salary and low risk. This also applies to dropshipping even though there is a very small risk and it is the sort of business you don’t need a huge investment to start.

Most people try once and when they fail they don’t try again. This is the single biggest reason most people fail in any business. The fact people don’t realize is that it only takes one good store to earn all of that back and way more than they lost due to failing.

You Don’t Troubleshoot Obvious Problems:

The main problem most people have is with their advertisements. If you have an advertisement that clearly isn’t working for you. Fix your ad creatives if you know they are bad, high quality creatives are usually the most profitable.

Another common problem is your website is not converting, you are getting a lot of traffic but are not getting enough sales. The greatest factor for this is the price, you can try to decrease or even increase the price and it will surely have an impact on your conversion rate.

You Are Copying Other Dropshippers:

If you are going to use the same products and run the same ads, you may get a little success at the start. You can only go so far with price competition until the market for your product gets saturated. Instead of this try to go for the brand approach, instead of copying drop shippers copy big brands. Take Nike for example, they are a brand niche around athletic apparel and they can increase their prices on their products way higher than other brands as they are famous and trustworthy brands. That’s why you should focus on becoming a niche brand.


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4 months ago

Great article on Dropshipping.

Rajni Rajput
4 months ago

Copying other Dropshippers are always the main drawback to success in dropshipping.

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