Best WordPress Tips for Effective Site Management

Everyone loves ease and that is why your WordPress site must be considerably modest and easily accessible. A simple and well-designed WordPress website attracts more followers or customers as the case may be. Here are some tips and practices you can employ in your attempt to manage your website effectively and get more followers or customers.

#1. Get your themes and plugins updated

This WordPress tip is not strange but very important. Find time to check your themes and plugins to make sure they are up to date and running like they should be. Running through all the sites you manage just to update these things is very tedious but it is also extremely important for both site speed and security.

#2. Make your website mobile-friendly

This practice also isn’t new, but it remains incredibly significant. Your website needs to be fully responsive and mobile-friendly. If you’re using well-maintained WordPress themes and plugins that are up-to-date, there’s a great chance your site automatically performs pretty well on smaller screens which is a very good thing for your website’s growth as a lot of people prefer using mobile devices to surf the internet.

#3. Add SSL certificates to every site

There was a point in time where SSL certificates were only considered vital for certain types of sites, like eCommerce shops or online bank portals that were handling sensitive client information. Today, however, having an SSL certificate on your site is considered a best practice, even if you’re just building a personal blog. Google has even started flagging sites without SSL certificate as “not secure”, which is absolutely not something good for any website.

If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed yet, start with your hosting provider. Many of them provide SSL certificates.

#4. Simplify your favorite tools

One of the best ways to improve your workflow is to simplify the number of WordPress themes, plugins, add-ons, applications, extensions, etc. that you use.

Of course, there will always be new tasks to carry out and unique site requirements, but do a little audit of all the tools you use. Ask yourself these questions. Is there any overlap? Can you simplify? For example, when it comes to WordPress themes, do you have a single framework you always start from? Or maybe a theme company you trust? Or does every new site design require a bunch of research time to identify a brand new solution? Make sure you try as much as possible to simplify your tools.

When employed correctly, these tips will surely help you to manage your WordPress website(s) efficiently and increase your sales or follower base.


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Syed M. Umair
5 months ago

Nice article, the key is to make your website easy to navigate and not have the basic features difficult to find.

5 months ago

Excellent tips for effective WordPress management

John Five
Rock Star
5 months ago

Nice article, all very good points.

Rajni Rajput
5 months ago

Informative article! Keep it up!!!

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