Some Tips For Writing an Effective Product Description

Knowing how to craft a product description that sells is one of the key elements to increasing your Shopify store’s conversion rates, sales, and leads. Your product description is the only information available to online buyers. Since they don’t have access to the product itself, they base their buying decision on the basis of this description. Needless to say, your product description can make or break your online business.

Here are a few tips for writing an effective product description:

  • Know your audience: you can’t sell a product if you don’t know who you’re selling to. In order to effectively snag prospective customers, you need to first create a buyer’s persona to guide you.
  • Give informative descriptions: don’t leave your potential customers fishing for product details. Give them all the necessary product details that they’d need in order to make an educated buying decision.
  • Tell a story: Everyone loves a good story. Use storytelling to engage your audience emotionally and form long-lasting connections with them, thereby getting effective conversions.
  • Scannable: Make your prospects’ job easier by giving them the product information in a way that’s easy (and quick) to grasp. Make use of a clean format including bullet points, short paragraphs, clear spaces, and different font sizes.
  • Optimize: To get your website to rank higher, optimize your product descriptions by incorporating the relevant keywords into them.
  • Natural language: there’s nothing more off-putting than a product description that attempts to woo you using pretentious language. Keep things simple and use conversational language instead.


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Syed M. Umair
7 months ago

Great tips! It is also important to have sizing charts in your product descriptions for physical products, especailly ones that people wear like t-shirts etc.

6 months ago

very good tips..thanks for sharing your experience waqas

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