#1 Rule of Email Marketing.

There’s just one rule of email marketing

Looking at the data report…

You’ll get to know everything just by watching analytics…

And if there’s something missing in analytics, then just send a survey email…

Like – “Knowing your subscriber’s email preferences”.

But it’s not just about looking at the data report…

It’s all about knowing your subscriber deeply…

What are their preferences? 

What do they deeply desire?

Who are they?

Their age?


Their gender?

And then accordingly segment your email list…

By doing this you will know, to whom exactly you’re talking to…

And then send emails according to their preferences and based on the analytics data report that you already have…

IF, you do this, I guarantee you will get the result…

This way you can leverage your email list and can get most out of it.


What do you think?

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John Five
5 months ago

This is true, another good way of doing this also is by creating funnels, I find they work well for knowing your audience.

5 months ago

Thank you


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