How To Create A Profitable Email Marketing Campaign

Build Trust First

Nobody enjoys being sold upfront. Your email campaign should have your first few emails you gain your readers’ trust by sending the freebies or giving free advice or just sending them a heart warming welcome email for joining your newsletter. This can be a series of emails.

The Build-up

After you have gained their trust you have to share a special product that is going to be available or a special offer that is going to be available within a few days. You do not send them the offer right away, but build some excitement around it. For example:

1st Email: We have a special product that is going to be out after 3 days that will have limited stock so do not forget to claim yours on the “x” date.

The 2nd Email you can send a day before as a reminder that the product or the special offer is coming out the next day.

The Offer

Once you have got your customers excited for the offer then you can give them an offer with a form or urgency on it. This would be either that the offer would be available for a limited amount of time, or there is a limited stock of the product offered.

After The Offer

After the offer expires you can either continue selling at the normal rates or if the offer was a limited stock one, you can do it all over again with a different product. You can give the customers who have bought the products more offers to upsell or cross sell more products.

This method works equally well with your own products or affiliate products.


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[…] How to Create a Profitable Email Marketing Campaign […]

6 months ago

Syed M. Umair You are right. I am agree with you this is good knowledge about how create Profitable Email Marketing Campaign.

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