Sending Cold Email – You Need To Read This.

This image was uploaded by Neville Medhora, In one of his private group…And I thought why not just share this image with you guys.Can you see the difference between these two images?The first image seems like selling something, but the second image is actually trying to help…And this is the key, If you’re running behind money, The money will run away from you, but if your intention is of helping people…The money will run after you.

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Syed M. Umair
5 months ago

A great example, adding a bit of sympathy to your emails can make a lot of difference. In the world of technology we live in where everything is automated people crave human sympathy in marketing.

John Five
5 months ago

Good post, this will help a lot of people that get cold mail as this post & screenshots makes it so easy to understand.

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