Story of 2 Gmail Accounts

My two Gmail accounts…

I created two Gmail accounts, the First was created 8 years ago and the second one was created 2 years ago…

My first Gmail account, I used to subscribe to everyone…

And I didn’t even realize how many people I have subscribed to yet.

But with my second Gmail account, I only subscribe to copywriter blogs and swipe update websites…

That’s it.

I noticed with my second Gmail account – every email these copywriting companies sent me, lands directly into my primary tab…

But none of the company’s emails actually land into the primary tab of my 1st Gmail account, which was created 8 years ago.

All emails land directly into the Promotions tab.

After sometime, I found out that I was not interacting with any of the emails sent to my 1st email account.

But interacting with almost every email that lands into my second email.

So, no matter how good the email marketer you are…

If your customer didn’t interact with your email, Gmail will land your email to their Promotions tab instead of the Primary tab …

Gmail takes care of its customers, More than you.

To have more engagement, you should be sending personalized emails.

And, that’s it.

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Syed M. Umair
5 months ago

I have noticed this trend too, great insight! This is what seperates good email marketing from great email marketing

5 months ago

I agree with this, I somehow visit my promotional section but only click on posts that have a catchy subject. So, we can say the subject lines matter a lot too.

Last edited 5 months ago by waqas

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