What is Conexa? Conexa is an internet marketing platform and community where marketers can post marketing-related content – such as links, offers, advice, tips, news, articles, and videos – which are then voted up or down by the community, so the best, most valuable, must trustworthy, content always rises to the top. Comments are also voted up or down. Importantly, Conexa is designed so that the marketers who provide the most valuable content are rewarded with “Cred Points” which determine rank (more on that later).

What does this mean for you? First, this means that you (whether beginning marketer or expert marketer) can visit Conexa on any given day to see the most valuable, most trusted, IM-related links, offers, advice, tips, news, articles, and videos. At the most basic level, this means you will learn things that will help you grow in your IM career, refine your craft, and – most importantly – make more money. Second – and here’s the REALLY powerful part – this means that you can earn “Cred Points” and rank by contributing valuable content to the community.

How does this work? When you contribute IM-related content to the community, it will be voted up or down. If it is voted up, then you will earn Cred Points. If it gets voted down, you will lose Cred Points. Same for comments. If your comments are voted up, you will receive Cred Points, and if your comments are voted down, you will lose Cred Points. There are other ways to earn Cred Points, but this is the primary way.

Why does rank matter? The more Cred Points you earn, the more rank you will achieve. A high rank means you can be trusted as an expert and as a provider of real value. And with rank, comes privileges.

What privileges will I get? Here are some examples of privileges. Those with higher rank get more opportunities to promote themselves and their services (for free on the Conexa platform); this translates to influence, and this influence translates to more offer signups, bigger email marketing lists, and – frankly – more money. Also, your rank determines which Conexa Private Rooms you have access to. Higher rank equals access to more exclusive rooms. The highest ranks gain access to the MOST EXCLUSIVE private rooms on the platform (which is where the real magic happens).

What are some specific benefits of high rank? Those who attain the most Cred Points and rank will get prominently listed at the top of the Conexa Leaderboards. Those who find themselves at or near the top of these Leaderboards will get lots of traffic to their Conexa profile pages (where they can promote their own offers/services). They will also be able to grow their followers from their profile page. Of note, beginners and new members should be most interested in the Weekly Leaderboard. One valuable piece of content, if it receives enough up-votes, can get you to the top of this Leaderboard in a single week.

What is the most valuable benefit of high rank? The marketer who attains the most Cred Points each week – as calculated from 12:00 AM Sunday to 11:59 PM Saturday (PST) – will be featured (the following week) right on the Conexa homepage. 

How do you earn Cred points?

  • Visit Conexa.com = you get 5 Cred Points (limited to 5 points per day)
  • Submit content = you get 5 Cred Points per submission (limited to 20 points per day)
  • Your published content receives an up-vote = you get 1 Cred Point (unlimited points per day)
  • You comment on an item, and your comment receives an up-vote = you get 1 Cred Point (unlimited points per day)
  • Note: You do not lose Cred Points if your content or comments receive down-votes.

What is the the rank structure at Conexa?

  • Legend (32,400 Cred Points)
  • Master (21,600 Cred Points)
  • Leader (15,000 Cred Points)
  • Ninja (9,000 Cred Points)
  • Guru (3,600 Cred Points)
  • Rock Star (1,800 Cred Points)
  • Marketer (600 Cred Points)
  • Novice (300 Cred Points)
  • Rookie (150 Cred Points)
  • Newbie (0 to 149 Cred Points)

What are the exclusive rooms?

  • The Green Room (Rock Stars and up)
  • The Red Room (Expert Marketers and up)
  • The Purple Room (everyone has access)

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