3 cost-effective ways to increase your online business

Whether you’re running a small cottage or a large enterprise, increasing its surplus has always been your prime goal. Boosting sales through online ways seems like bowling a strike, although it isn’t. (much arduous than your perception)

In this blog, I’ll tell you 3 sure-fire ways that will help you boost your online sales. It can be either a product or service selling.

Demonstrate the Testimonials

In today’s era, with people fully indulged in social media, you need to show your satisfied clients’ testimonials to the new customers and visitors.

Your satisfied customers are your biggest strength and strategy to market in front of the audience. Once the trust element is developed, it will make it pretty easier for your business to bloom spontaneously. Ensure them about your reliability and how wonderful you are!

Answer every Customer’s query

Marketers often make such blunders of making false assumptions regarding their knowledge regarding their products or service. As a result, the customers found themselves at sixes and sevens and turn their back on your forever.

Your job should be to think of every little and large query regarding your product. Answer it on your website or product pages. Similarly, try to find out the limitations of your services or product and the possible objection customers can make. Try to overcome all of them in your copy.

Eventually, it should be a clear and concise copy, showing all the solutions to frequently asked questions and objections.

Adopt a tiered pricing strategy (decoy pricing)

Many companies have adopted this decoy pricing strategy, where the customers are psychologically tilted towards the middle price. Most of them try to choose the middle category as a “not so cheap or expensive option.”

The central position appeals to them the most, where they can avoid the extremism of both sides. (though some of them still go for the cheapest or the most expensive one.).

Bottom line

The aim in your mind is not to tell the features of your services or products.  You have to keep an eye on the benefits that your services can provide to the customers.


What do you think?

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Syed M. Umair
5 months ago

The Decoy pricing strategy is gold!

5 months ago

Great tips for increasing online business. Thank you for sharing

Rajni Rajput
5 months ago

Informative article!!!.. Good Job.

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