Affiliate Marketing at a Glance (Part 1)

A lot of people now understand what affiliate marketing is. In case you are not sure, this is a marketing process that involves the sale of goods and / or services originally offered by a provider (1st party) , to a buyer (3rd party) by you (2nd party) for gain, and the result? Commission. It can take place both online and offline. In recent times, it has become more popular online, owing to the growing popularity of the internet, and to a greater extent; the “search and marketing effectiveness” facilitated by the almighty Google, across the world wild web (WWW).

Fortunately, it has so far become a RELIABLE Means of income for many all around the world, and especially, young folks. What makes AFFILIATE MARKETING very popular today is not just the INTERNET, but also its growing POWER— the availability of the amazingly fast 3, 4, and 5G networks. Meaning that anybody anywhere with BASIC literacy, and knowledge of the internet can PROFITABLY do affiliate marketing.

The cycle or flywheel [Inbound] method is a good and profitable one. Meaning that Affiliate Marketing is a win-win deal that allows every player in it to get VALUE . This is why many popular companies and online retailers like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, etc., are so invested in it. In a traditional bricks-and-mortar business, there is risk! There is overhead! There is the specter of inventory wasting away in storage! Affiliates may disappear with trusuted goods, they might carelessly and / or accidentally damage goods— all these will then amount to burdens on principals; like production companies and / or advertizing agents. In online marketing, those are not usually the case, except where affiliates are given SAMPLES to test in order to be better in-the-know and positions to ”sell” better. They may also receive some ”quantities” to showcase around their neighborhoods where there is a need for that (a kind of LOCAL SEO). And all those are in SMALLER quantities comparatively, hence, minimal risks. Affiliates too, face risks, majorly where they might have agreed (prior) to terms and / or conditions to pay for damaged goods, whether the damage occurs accidentally or the otherwise. Hence, the ”Preference” on ONLINE affiliate marketing! Meanwhile, the “internet” has simplified every process involved in it. Let’s now look at the simple step-by-step processes involved in this growing business model.


1. Identify a problem (what marketers call a pain-point), which you believe can be solved with a certain PRODUCT (niche).  This can include products sold by banks (e.g. Bank of New York), schools (e.g. Harvard University), online retailers (e.g. Amazon), etc. Note, the product MUST be able to solve the problem you’ve identified. I will go into details on how to identify your market, later.

2. Get any device that can connect to the internet, and this even includes, smart phones.

3. Register with any company or retailer that offers the problem solver (product or niche) as one of their affiliates. This can be Amazon, Ebay, etc.

4. They will provide you with your unique affiliate link.

5. Copy the link or start posting it directly from the offer site to those platforms which you have already identified earlier on, as I noted above, where your target buyers or consumers show up or go to find solutions. These can include social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, etc.

6. Now, when someone follows or clicks that link to buy the product(s) from the offer site like Amazon, you will receive a commission. It is that SIMPLE and SWEET! Next time, we will look at the processes involved GRAPHICALLY, so you can MASTER this thing called Affiliate Marketing, without you having to get confused by complexities.


PS: remember Google is always your friend in this journey, so all glossaries (terms) and sites mentioned here can be visited by you for #clarity and #direct experience— the road to mastery and not JUST Learning.


What do you think?

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Tim Culpepper
4 months ago

What a great summary. Thanks! I can’t wait to see your next post on the topic!

Chetan bali
4 months ago

Yes, well explained and useful tip for all. Waiting for your next post.

4 months ago

Thank you

Syed M. Umair
3 months ago

Amazing Post! Thank you for making it all easy to understand.

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