How to get more Organic Traffic Without Ranking your Website

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the term used to describe visits to a particular website coming from a search engine’s organic results and not by paid ads. 

Advantages of Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the most important form of traffic you can get to your website. It is more important than paid traffic or traffic from other social media networks. 

Organic traffic is useful because it increases websites’ trust and enhances the website’s visibility on Google.  

Ways to get more organic traffic 

Offer Guest Posting

Let’s say your original attention is to rank a search term “Digital Marketing Agency” on Google. We know that there are millions of search results for this term. So the odds are stacks against you if you want to rank for this keyword. 

Instead of tackling the issue from an on-page SEO perspective, consider generating leads by “Guest Posting” on authoritative sites in your company’s niche. You can piggyback off the authority of high-ranking domains by offering to write pro guest posts. Make sure to create polished content that provides value to the reader and is worth the time.

Focus on Video marketing

Video marketing is the easiest way to attract potential customers towards your brand. The audience prefers to watch videos before buying any products. 

Let’s say you’re in the business of selling cosmetics for women of your own brand. Unfortunately, there’s a ton of search volume for cosmetics, and many of the key search terms have exceedingly high keyword difficulty (KD) scores.

The simple solution to get noticed on the Search Engine Result Pages without ranking for high keyword difficulty search items. The best way is to create video content for your products/store’s YouTube channel. You can hire the services of influencers to create a video of your products to increase your engagement.  

Content is King

Despite using free organic traffic generator tools and other techniques, there’s nothing that will improve the visibility of the site, like consistently producing high-quality content. 

When you produce useful and user-friendly content for your audience, Google recognizes it. When the users spend to read the content on your page without immediately bouncing off, they will increase the visibility of your website. The same goes for when your website is shared on social networks.

Design Infographics

Create visually appealing infographics with realistic statistical detail relevant to those in your niche. You can do it yourself or hire the services of digital marketing agencies that can provide the data and copy to include in the graphics. 

Once you’ve created an attractive and to the point infographic that solves a problem or answers a question relevant to your niche, shares it. Host it on your website, and start increasing its visibility by sharing it on your social media platforms and community forums in your niche.


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Tim Culpepper
4 months ago

Fantastic tips!

4 months ago

Great post, Muhammad. I too believe that guest posting and infographics are the two best techniques to increase organic traffic.

John Five
4 months ago

Really good article & yes I agree content is king. Thank you.

Syed M. Umair
4 months ago

Amazing tips, I totally agree with going for low competition keywords and focusing on creating quality content.

Rajni Rajput
4 months ago

Good informative article. Keep it up!!!

3 months ago

good tips…I will surely follow your tips. thanks.

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